Introducing IPC's First Annual Creature Contest!

How do I get started?

Create an original creature that can exist, evolve, and become a part of iPaintCreatures epic sci-fi fantasy anime story world of Matsu. All entries will be judged on creature appeal, incorporation of Matsu world attributes, and character design.

Submission guidelines:

  1. Draw, paint, sculpt, craft in any of your chosen mediums.
  2. Choose a realm. (All realms explained below) Make your creatures attributes, powers, and features reflect that realm.
  3. It must be a creature, not a monster. (IPC defines a monster as a creature who got hurt and didn’t heal themselves, so they can hurt and destroy; where as creatures can be strange and particular but not monstrous, harming, and evil.)
  4. Hashtag all work in progress streams or any of your social media content posted.
  5. Help promote this contest by posting on your social media accounts. Link this page ( and also a link to follow the Twitch stream for engagement and more information.
  6. Submit your entry in the form at the bottom of this page.
  7. The deadline for submissions is September 2 2019. Make sure to get them in!

Winners get/Backstory/Crystal Core



is a oceanic realm all the great oceans of earth combined it is the first ring with only one large sphere It is a fantastical realm in the great tradition of Moby Dick and all the great oceanic sea tales to the modern water world the strange twist is you can’t tell the sky from the water bird type creatures are flying in the water whales (Matsu Jira Yokai) are swimming in big caravans in the sky you can taste salt in the air and feel the breeze in the water naturally all the classic Yokai water goblins live their Kappa , Garrapoa. Kuraken etc as well a slew of elemental water based creatures but since the realm is fused between ocean and sky wind elementals exist and incredible creatures who defy water and fire exist together dwell there these creatures are very hi tech and are rebuilding the value of the artistic and spiritual culture but is a water goblin ocean realm goblins in matsu are defined as humans who went back to their creative creature original nature as they still stick full of mischief and rattled joy


this is a living forest realm like the classic lor Ents an enchanted forest like Sherwood or poohs hundred mile a acre but this is full blown with many classic tree spiryt Yokai these are the story tellers the ones based from the root to the sky they are forest creatures fused of forest animals and ancient forest elements fused with high technology and of course music and the arts critters living foliage the works there struggle is to rekindle what they had on earth as 96542 is a refuge so these creatures are building back the forest into there hi tech living trying to rekindle the beauty of earth



this is a forest realm that is based in the roots of trees and foliage and leads into a forest mountain realm home of the mountain goblins mainly the Classic Yamabiko Yokai the monkey dog mountain goblins who’s main power is music not any old music the power of sound and echo the mimicking of sounds think the ultimate planet apes but with Yokai monkey dogs goblins hi tech tree houses music providing electricity musical instruments that do more than play music the goblins themselves have music instruments and hi tech musical gear sound systems fused into their beings and of course classic yokai tanooki tengu exist but are evolved in the Matsu world


not much is known about this incredible valley where the fire flowers are created and distributed throughout 96542 they might be the source of rekindling the creatures creative spirit some say they are the remains of atumikkon but is a realm of the fire creatures the sprites the fire goblins the lighters of dim spirits any classic valley animal infused creature foxes badgers mouse etc classic yokai tanuki kitsune etc in this real they are also very high tech all to do with the metaphor of fire and remember in Matsu all is possible Fire and water can co exist


this is one of the many water realms in 96542 this is literally the swamps the Mad Maxx real of water the biggest thing here is a market place like a water based flea market so this is a travelers rest stop realm a water goblin commerce all Yokai exist here all elements as most merchants are local and water goblins and of course the only thing that gives the swamp life is they play goblin music which is painting too it’s visual and auditory it is always a greyush blue and most things exchanged in marketplace are a fusion of ancient with modern high tech but swampy and the creatures are infused with tech and ancient gear


this is the water goblin realm of the classic Kappa Yokai but of course evolved into Matsu characters this is a realm half above water and half below high tech very steam punk and the kappa have evolved their bowl or dish or saucer in their head fusing it with musical and audio technology satteliye dishes etc their about the water and the metaphor of flow but they goblins full of mischief strangeness and aquatic vision


is the floating mountain realm of the classic Tengu as Matsu focuses more on the tengu as the mountain dragon bird dog goblins a very spiritual race al it like the original samurai / jedi masters of storytelling and levitation loyalty and the dance with all elements these mountain goblins are very evolved and their floating mountain realms are high tech earth ships that can open portals it is very much like the elve realms of Tolkien this is the home of the yokai academy which is the original martial arts dojo the one that started them all it specializes in yokai magic arts fusing ancient wisdom with hi tech and beyond bringing back the original arts of mountain sculpting sky painting watercolor astro imagining etc.


is a mountain realm home of Yokai Koykai the original theme amusement park the one that started them all way before magic mountain or disney world or six flags this real is the ultimate charlie chocolate factory - matsu land of fantasia and the original afrika bambadda hip hop gatherings their are kukkie Yokai Shuga Yokai (creatures with cookie and sugar powers- symbolically - they fight off the literal dark powers of actual sugar and sweets ) electric boogaloo and electric creature band come from kido the original bboice (hip hop creature dancers) yokai mcs it’s a place yokai are all about rekindling their pop infused kid culture

Push your imagination and creativity to the limit. Create ways to show the innate powers of these creatures. Show IPC what your imagination can create beyond any popular media creatures that exist today!

Submit your creature!